Bursaries of a maximum of €250 are available to Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, who are current members and who have been members of the Irish Association of Hand Therapists for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.
Monies are intended towards the cost of
1. Attending a course/conference relevant to hand therapy
2. Towards completion of a relevant hand therapy qualification
3. Research
An amount of €500 per 6 months will be made available equating to maximum of €1000/pa. Monies which are not used in the first 6-month period, will be rolled over into the second half of the year. This will run per calendar year and will recommence at the beginning of the next calendar year. Bursaries however are dependent on the financial standing of the association
Applications may only be recipients of a bursary once within a three-year period.
Priority will be given to applicants who:
  • Have made attempts to source funding elsewhere, and who are prepared to part fund 25% of the costs themselves. A letter from their unit manager will be necessary to highlight their efforts in sourcing funding elsewhere.
  • Can demonstrate that attendance to the course/conference or completion of qualification or research will make a contribution to the field of hand therapy within their department/unit of work.
All applications should be submitted prior to commencement of the course/conference, qualification and or research. An agenda of the course/conference, qualification details and or research topic should be attached.
Applicants for the bursary will be considered at the next committee meeting following receipt of the completed application form. Successful applicants will be notified by email. Bursary will be paid on submission of receipts to the committee
Recipients who have received this bursary will be required to submit a report describing the benefit gained from the conference/course, qualification or summary of their research or present an in-service for the IAHT as appropriate. This will be at the discretion of IAHT committee.
These guidelines are under regular review by the IAHT committee and are subject to change.