Clinical Links

Clinical Links

These websites are suggested for hand therapists seeking information and resources.

    – detailed and updated information on research papers and clinical information regarding all electrotherapy written by Professor Tim Watson
    – free pictures and photographs of exercises organised by body part
    . This is a free tool to create exercise booklets for people with injuries and disabilities aiming to enhance rehabilitation outcomes of people with neurological conditions
  • a site written for orthopaedic surgeons giving outlines of treatment
  • – another site written for orthopaedic surgeons with more detail on hand and wrist conditions
    an electronic textbook of hand surgery including anatomy, classification and hand therapy pathways
    . Orthopaedic is a free information and calculation website, which allows access to some orthopaedic scores
    Occupational Therapy Free Hand E-learning modules (OTHELP) for therapists interested in, or treating paediatric patients with hand and upper limb conditions. Educational power point presentations and videos aim to capture key aspects of occupational therapy intervention
    Introduction to anatomy of the upper limb
    Anatomy, physical examination and a great variety of pathology

  • Libary of ADL pictures, useful for teaching patients adapted ADL methods
. Tutorial to learn one handed typing method
Portal for patients to share their real world health experiences
JOSPT Perspectives for Patients offers clinicians and patients a credible source of new information derived from articles published in the Journal and explains how new research affects patient care. JOSPT Perspectives for Patients may be photocopied non commercially by physical therapists and other health care providers to share with patients
. Interactive Anatomy Guide of all muscles and bones of the hand, wrist and arm
United brachial plexus network, offers tips and resources for patients with brachial plexus injuries
It’s all about function. Naked Prosthetics designs and manufactures high-quality prosthetic devices specifically for finger loss.


Literature Databases and resources for Evidence Based Practice


Hand Therapy and Hand Surgery Journals

IFSSH: Ezine Magazine with excellent clinical articles on surgery and therapy

American Society of Hand Therapists: Journal of Hand Therapy

European Federation of Societies of Hand Therapy and British Association of Hand Therapists: Hand Therapy

American Association for Hand Surgery: Hand

Europe: Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand and British Society for Surgery of the Hand: Journal of Hand Surgery

The Internet Journal of Hand Surgery (link is external)

Hand Clinics